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 Lk: 4: 43.. I must preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God...



Accessories for Pulpit Sets


#46 Deluxe Speaker Stand

#404 Oak Flower Tables

#407 Offering Table

#42 Tithe / Prayer Box

#48 Standard Speaker Stand -

More Accessories

Altar Prayer BenchOur Oak Altar Prayer Bench makes a nice piece for the front of the church, for prayer, sitting or other ministry.  Size 68" x 14" for  Other sizes available.




Church Lectern - 31" wideOak Lectern #401 is 31" wide for smaller altar area or tight budgets.  It features the adjustable Bible rest, and comes with the cross.















#200 Set - 54" Wide Pulpit and Table

Includes Three Curved Top Minister Chairs (one of our #548 and two #544), plus two Deacon / Communion Chairs. (below)

Your choice of colors.

 Free Delivery!


#200 Church Pulpit Set Information




#222 Elim Style (St. James) Pulpit

45" x 36" x 18"


  Phone (540) 484-4913


Oak Church Pulpits and Tables

Free Shipping On Sets or 3 or More Pieces!


Oak Pulpit and Communion Table # 400

#400 Traditional Set

To assist new and small churches in their need to have nice furniture at a reasonable price, we build and sell direct (no middle men to mark it up!).   Our beautiful pulpits and tables are handcrafted in the Blue Ridge mountains by Amish and German Baptist craftsmen who have family traditions of quality workmanship for generations.  We keep the most popular items like this #400 set in stock for fast delivery, in three finishes - light, medium or dark oak.  Adjustable Bible Shelf plus a fixed shelf on back.

Oak Clergy Chairs #448 and #444                


Pulpit # 400  Table # 405 ON SALE 

Pulpit is 48" x 48" x 19" - Table is 54" x 31"H x 22" D

Order these two pieces along with three chairs to make the.  CALL US FOR ADDITIONAL SPECIALS!



Free Shipping This Month When you order 3 or more pieces!

 Phone (540) 484-4913


Most furniture is in stock for fast delivery!

#900 Scrollwork Pulpit Set#900 Scrollwork Set

This is a beautiful design, featuring fluting posts and corners, dental molding, rosettes and an overall look of elegance. The #900 pulpit has the same adjustable Bible shelf and fixed shelf on back.  It is 48" x 48" x 19" deep.  The Table is 54" x 31"H x 22" D.  Click photo to enlarge it.  This set is in stock in three finishes.


Oak Pulpit Set #900


Most folks get the three curved top chairs to match the beauty of this set, making the  five piece set includes with FREE DELIVERY!


Curved Top Minister Chairs #548 and 544 #900 Pulpit Details

Victory Style Pulpit #300#300 Victory  Pulpit Set

This unique design offers beaded fluting to highlight the "V" look to remind everyone that there is Victory in Jesus!  Features a fixed shelf and Bible rest on back.

The Victory pulpit is 48" x 48" x 18" and is offered with the #405 Communion table and #400 Series chairs in light, medium or dark oak.


Learn More about the Victory Pulpit.



#300 Victory Pulpit with #405 Communion Table in Dark Oak FinishBack of the Victory PulpitSet of 3 Minister Chairs #400





Looking for Something Else?

#82 Colonial Style White Pedastle Pulpit

White Pulpit Furniture - More Info

Contemporary Proclaimer 2 Style Pulpit - Custom Logo Available!

Proclaimer 702 Pulpit - More Info

Evangelist Style Pulpit - $1349

Pulpit #210   48" x 48" x 19"

Pulpit 210 Back View - - Exposed Bible Rest

Allow 4-6 weeks for #210, # 218 or #222 Pulpits.

Walk In Pulpit #218 $1575

Pulpit #218 Back   48" x 48"



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